• Exterior, patio area
  • Interior, seating space

Radar Brewing Company

About us

Radar Brewing Company is an exciting new brewery and taproom in Winston-Salem, NC. Radar offers an ever-increasing variety of beers in a unique space located in the city's newest arts and entertainment district, Industry Hill.

Owners of the company

We’re proud to say we’ve been involved in the beer industry for a long time. After homebrewing for many years, Founder and Head Brewer Aaron Wall graduated from the Rockingham Community College and began a commercial brewing career that included stops at Natty Greene’s, Foothills Brewing, and Wicked Weed before venturing out to create Radar Brewing Company.

Co-owner Eric Peck got his start at iconic Brooklyn Brewery in 2006 while pursuing a career in acting. At Brooklyn, Peck gave thousands of tours to hundreds of thousands of international guests as a Tasting Room Manager before moving to Winston Salem, where he was hired to open the Tasting Room for Foothills Brewing.

Peck and Wall met at Foothills Brewing, and after Wall set his sights on opening Radar, he invited Peck to be a part of the ownership team. After a 13-month buildout, Radar opened on January 1st, 2020, before the industry would largely be shut down two and a half months later. After quickly making a plan for how we would navigate COVID, we never looked back. After 3 years of being in business, every day keeps getting better and better.

To us, Radar represent exploration and discovery, being able to see the unseen. It motivates us to experiment and try new things, to push what we think beer can be. As a brewery, we love discovering new ingredients and yeast strains. While we enjoy our industry’s traditions and history, we’re also unbound by it. We’re proud to bring unique beers to our customers and to present new flavors to our guests.

We hope to serve you in our taproom someday soon!

-Aaron and Eric